Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Easy Wonky Tree for Sew Bee Wonky

This is the July block for Sew Bee Wonky.  It's from the book Modern Quilts in the Blogging Universe

My wishes for this block: 
Background/Neutral - anything from solid white to beige.  Any white-on-white or cream-on-cream or beige-on-beige or solids in white/cream/beige will do. 
Trees:  BRIGHT rainbow colors in modern prints which can include dark pastels (say bright pink but not pale pink, for example). Please do not use black, brown, or any civil war or 30s repro fabric. I'd like my trees to be as bright and modern as they can be. Multicolor trees are fine, too - as long as they're bright and modern.

So here goes.
1. Start with a tree - a triangle shape (wonky or even - doesn't matter) that's no taller than 8" and no wider than 4". 
2. Cut a piece of neutral background fabric about 11" tall and any width from 5" to 8".
3. Lay your tree on top of your background fabric as I did below.

4. Using your ruler, cut the background off the bottom even with the bottom of the tree. Set aside for later. 

5. Slide your tree about 1/" to the left of its original position. Use your ruler to cut the background fabric along the right side of the tree. Set the piece of background fabric aside for later.

6. Slide the tree to the right so that it extends about 1/2" past the edge of the background fabric. Use your ruler and cut the background fabric along the left side of the tree.  Discard the little triangle of background underneath the tree.

7. Lay the tree along the left piece of background fabric as shown. Sew together. 

8. Press the seam allowances open.  

9. Repeat with right side of background fabric. 

10. Press seam allowances open. 

11. Attach the bottom piece of background fabric. Press seam allowances open. 

DO NOT TRIM THESE BLOCKS. I will trim them to shape and size that I need.

Note:  If you'd like to get fancy and add a trunk to the base of the tree, that's fine. It's up to you.


jeifner said...

Cool! Seems like one I can do!

laura west kong said...

Ooh, that's cute! It looks like a fun block to try. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.