Thursday, March 21, 2013

Strings Class

Today I taught my first class at my local quilt shop. It was on how to make string quilts, like the ones I learned on Bonnie Hunter's site

This is one of the tops I showed them.

I showed them how to make the string blocks, and they went to town!

Each gal had different color palates--while I make all of mine in a random "scrappy" palate.

Janet made her blocks bright and bold:

Linda was using jewel tones:

Sharon had brought some lovely greens and pinks:

Diane and Peggy were using assorted colors--I forgot to snap a picture of Peggy's blocks, but here are Diane's:

All 5 gals told me they were really happy with the class, so I feel it was a successful day!

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Bridget said...

Hooray for a successful class! I like your class sample quilt. Is there a close up of the quilt somewhere on your blog?