Monday, March 4, 2013

Making Quilt Kits

Last week and yesterday I spent some time cutting fabric and making some kits for 4 quilts. I plan to take two of them to Bishop with me on Friday - we're going up there for some fishing (him) and relaxation (me). There will be 4 days in Bishop and 2 in Lone Pine when we'll have hookups, so I'll take the sewing machine and get some piecing done. The 4 days we'll be without hookups I plan to do some hand work on a woolies project, read, and visit the quilt shop in town.

The kit on the right in the bottom photo is from this book, which I picked up at JoAnn.  I have a bunch of 5" charms, and need to start using them.

The two larger kits in the top photo are going to be quilts from this book, which I got at my local quilt shop (Cherry Berry Quilts). I had so many 2 1/2" strips that I think I can make every quilt in that book and still have leftovers.

The fourth quilt will be a small one, using a ruler and pattern I picked up at Eleanor Burns' shop a couple of weeks ago. It's going to use up 28 of my 5" charms.

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Bridget said...

How fun! Love the Lone Pine area where we went camping as kids while my dad fished and my mom just relaxed and read books.