Sunday, October 21, 2012

Modern Monday/Traditional Tuesday - all caught up!

While we were in Colorado this summer, I didn't do ANY Modern Monday or Traditional Tuesday blocks. I didn't take any of the "modern" fabric with me, and wanted to just wait until I got back and get all caught up. Today I finished the last block, and am now ready for tomorrow's Modern Monday block 55.

Week 41 - Patience Corners
Week 42 - Greek Cross
Week 43 - Chevron

Week 44 - Apron
Week 45 - Monument
Week 46 - Ship
Week 47 - Lantern

Week 48 - Chevron Zig Zag
Week 49 - Card Trick
Week 50 - Orange Peel
Week 51 - Posy
Week 52 (modern) - Hash Tag
Week 52 (traditional) - Crosses and Losses
Week 53 (modern) - Butterfly

Week 53 (traditional) - Butterfly
Week 54 - Tumbler


West Michigan Quilter said...

Wow, you did get caught up. Love your blocks. I don't think I did card trick. Can't remember why. This has been a fun quilt along.

Teri said...

I love quilts, but I don't like to do anything that requires precise piecing. I prefer crazy quilts, or applique or the "modern" quilts.

Jenifer Dick said...

I love how similar our stashes are! We must be kindred souls! Your blocks look great!

barbara woods said...

great blocks!