Saturday, September 24, 2011

I think I've got the hang of it! Stars and stars and stars

15 stars so far.  This is addicting, and it's using up my scraps, so I have no idea how many I'll end up making.
After spending all day Thursday on flying geese that ended up being used for something else, I finally got the hang of them for the Crumb Along.

I set up a "star factory."  I went through my boxes and trays of fabric, and made a bunch of what I'll call base sets.
A base set has four rectangles cut 2 1/4" x 1 1/2" and four 2 1/4" squares.  I made sure that these base sets are either solids, tone on tone, or small prints.
 This is just a few of the base sets, ready to start adding star points.

Next, I cut lots and lots of multi-colored triangles from 2 1/2" squares for the star points.  This allowed me to not only use up a lot of my scraps, but I was able to make a dent in a basket of squares I've acquired from a two-year-long square swap. 
This is just a part of the pile of triangles.  As I'm assembling the stars, I make sure that no fabric is repeated on a star - it has 8 different fabrics used for the star points. 

My next step was to create a small pile of the center squares - again, all different fabrics.  I used a lot of the swap squares here.  These center squares are 2 1/4" as well.

I then began assembling the stars, and was able to do a lot of chain piecing. These are semi-wonky, as I just used scissors for trimming once I started sewing.

All my squares measure from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2".  Jo suggests adding strips to them to make them 6", but I'm going to hold off on that until I see what she intends to do with them.  I've got plenty of strips to use - two shoeboxes full.


Cindy said...

hehe....i love them! sooooo scrappy and fun, especially the latte one!!

Jo said...

I am so glad the stars were conquered....Your Mish Mash is cute too. I am madly working on my quilt. I think I am going to try to show it on Monday on the blog. That way you all can see what I have going and you can start experimenting and deciding in what direction you want to take your quilt in. I did the whole alphabet aroung the outside of mine as I want a baby quilt. Others don't want words or letters. I am LOVING it. I am working on Civil War version too. I don't think that one will have words. I am hoping for more sewing time tomorrow. :) I am glad you are crumbing along.

Pattilou said...

I think you do have it! Your stars are amazing. Isn't it fun?!!!

Michele, a distracted quilter said...

What fantastic stars! I think I'll take my crumb/string boxes out a few days early and make some more too. Yours have inspired me.

Annie said...

Those look great in all those colors. Good way to use up all those scraps that keep piling up!

MysteryKnitter said...

Awesome star blocks!