Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crumb Along, Step 1

On my Liberated Quilting Yahoo Group I saw a post that linked to Jo's Country Junction and her announcement of a "Crumb Along."  Since I'm into scrappy, liberated quilting, I knew this one would be fun.

The first thing we are doing is creating two blocks using some flying geese.  I had a bunch of triangles left over from making African Violets for Block Lotto, and decided I'd use those. Since they were all dark, I made the triangle part of the flying geese white and cream.

I dug into my white/cream scrap tray and cut dozens of rectangles, 1 3/4" x 3".  Then I put together about 50 wonky flying geese.

Jo says her sewing area looks like a bomb went off -- mine, too! 

Since my initial white rectangles were 2" x 3", my flying geese are a bit odd. But I don't care. Continuing Jo's directions, I sewed strips to the sides of the flying geese units and then squared them up to make the 6" squares she said to make.

These are all the extra flying geese.  She said to make several more sets of 4. I ended up with 7 sets plus 15 other unmatched ones. I'll be able to use these in a border.


Michele, a distracted quilter said...

Hi fellow-crumb piecer! Nice job on the geese blocks.

Kathy said...

Great geese! I've been using my Block Lotto crumbs for mine too!

Funny that those in the crumb along group are thinking that a bomb went off in their sewing areas and taking a picture to prove it. I just had to take a pic of mine for my next blog post.

Neabear said...

Great start on your crumbs! Everyone has such different looks to their crumbs!


MysteryKnitter said...

Nice work.