Monday, May 23, 2011

My First BIG Quilt

When I visited my mother this past Thanksgiving, I promised her a quilt by summer. I knew I had a stash of basket blocks from a swap in my quilt class, and was thinking (at that time) that I'd make a bunch of blocks to go with it. Then I joined a swap on the Quilters' Message Board, and acquired a bunch of blocks using some dusky rose and beige fabric I'd bought.

I had to turn the sampler blocks on end since that's how the baskets go, and therefore the quilt was quite large. Mom's bed is a King, and this quilt measures approximately 108 x 98. The only way I could get a decent picture of it was to have Don hold it and hang it over the edge of our deck.

The quilting was done by January Shaffer, who works out of her home a block away from my office. She did a different pattern for each block! I'm very proud of this--sure wish I could keep it. But Mom will love it.

Below are some pics of some of the blocks to show the different quilting designs.

January pit this pattern in all of the border triangles.

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Lynn said...

Congratulations Cyndi, it's gorgeous!! I love the basket pattern. It's so unique! I'm sure your Mom will be thrilled.

martha said...

Nice Job!! What a lucky gal your mom is!

Angie said...

That's such a beautiful quilt!! :)

MysteryKnitter said...

Your Mom is very lucky to get such a beautiful quilt.