Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hexagons, Hexagons

One night during out quilt class, one of the members (Sheri) showed us how to do English paper piecing. At first, I was interested in learning the technique, but was not too excited about doing lots of flowers. So I put it away, and didn't think about it for a couple of months. A few weeks ago I saw some hexagon sites, and began to get interested again - because I realized I don't have to do flowers! I can do diamonds, and stars, and all sorts of patterns, and even do little pieces with no pattern! I've been making lots of hexagons, as you can see, and I enjoy the fact that this is so portable.

Yes, this is a hexagon. An uneven-sided hexagon, but a hexagon no less. It's also the perfect size to take my hexagon-making kit with me.

I can keep lots of cardboard hexagons in it, scraps, scissors, thread, needles, and thimbles for when my fingers get sore. I put a couple of magnets in the lid to hold needles. Sheri says she takes her "kit" when she travels, so I'm going to give this a try while Don is driving on our trip.


martha said...

Hey Cyndi
have you checked out Inklingo? you can print hexagons right onto the fabric! Love the altoids tin.

Daffycat said...

That is a fantastic tin! Your hexagons are pretty too!