Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Colorado" by Cathy Callery (Fireside Originals)

This is a piece I stitched a few months ago, and I finally got around to finishing it just before we went on vacation. It could have been framed or turned into a bell pull; I chose to make it a bell pull-like hanging. Doreen, a fellow stitcher on CSRR, had sent me a gift package for a Christmas exchange that included some fusing tape. It worked perfectly for this - I didn't have to stitch a bit! I just ironed the edges and used the tape to fuse them. I even did that for the top. The piece is hanging on piece of dowel that I got at Michaels for 79 cents (it was a yard long), and then I glued two wooden beads on each end. A nice piece of green yarn finished if off. This piece is hanging in my trailer - I wanted a few pieces there that are reminiscent of our passion - camping and fishing!

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MysteryKnitter said...

That looks gorgeous!