Saturday, November 24, 2007

Three More Ornaments Finished

These are all ornaments I stitched while I was at Lake Mead. The first one is from Lady Periphaeria of Periphaeria Designs. It originally called for stitching the Hebrew words "Hanuka Tova," but I decided to leave them out. This will be given to my friend and colleague Mike, who has been very gracious about my curiosity regarding Judaism.

This little ornament was designed to be a scissors fob but I just made it an ornament. It's called "Rocky Mountain Christmas," and is designed by Jeannette Douglas. The border is made of Rhodes, Rice, and Smyrna stitches.

From the 2006 Just Cross Stitch Christmas issue, this is called "Winter," from Prairie Schooler.


Nic said...

Those ornaments are so cute!

Lynn said...

I have that PS ornament all kitted up and ready to start. Only problem is I don't have time right now! It's one of my favourites. Nice job!