Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mother's Christmas Quilt

When I saw the black paisley print at my LQS, I immediately knew I had to make a quilt from it for Mom. She loves what she calls "jewel tones," and this one has them. She'll be able to use this as a lap quilt during the cold northwest Texas winters.


Dee said...

Hi Cyndi!
My name is Dee and I'm your October STUD partner. I've really enjoyed looking through your blog...especially the book on what men know about women and the bear who came to dinner! OMGoodness!
You can email me through flickr or leave a comment on my blog
I'd like to know what you'd possibly like as a swap. Any colors you hate or love expecially? Themes? Just let me know! I'm so excited. Nice to "meet" you and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

If I hadn't lived 3 years in Norman, Oklahoma, I would've thought you were jesting with the phrase "cold northwest Texas winters." But yeah, that lap robe (as I grew up calling them) will fit the bill nicely. Lovely work!

Dee said...

Hi Cyndi,

We're paired for the October swap and before I started I wanted to ask if you had any preferences for blocks, patterns, colors, themes, etc. I've added you on my blog list and now follow your blog. Such pretty pictures and quilts. Thank you just for sharing them!

Let me know soon. I'm so excited!

Lynn said...

Beautiful Cyndi! I love the colours.