Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm still giggling over this

I have another non-stitching/quilting post. This is so funny. My office manager, who is a very young 63, was going up to Big Bear over the weekend when she got pulled over for speeding.

The cop came to her window and asked her for her license and registration. She found them and meekly handed them over. When he took off his sunglasses to read the registration, she couldn't help herself, he was so gorgeous: "Oh, my, God. Where were you when I was a young, hot, cop groupie?" He tried not to react, but the smile came, he handed back the paperwork, and said, "That's a good one. Slow down."

She escaped the ticket. She really didn't plan to say what she said - it just came out. Like I said, I"m still giggling.

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Kathy A. said...

Love those lines when they slip. One time asked my SIL if she had been drinking and she said "No, thanks, not right now". We laughed for a long time over that one too.